Amy Schumer: A 3rd Wave Feminist Whackjob’s Dream

By now you have probably seen the picture of Amy Schumer which was taken by the famous Annie Leibovitz for the 2016 Pirelli calendar. If you haven’t, let me describe it for you. It is Schumer, in black and white, topless, sitting on a stool holding a cup of coffee with a travel lid. Hang on to that last bit until the end.

So what is the big deal? Absolutely nothing. However, it will become a big deal because that is what the newest crop of 3rd wave feminists want. The picture is more like bait than an expression or celebration of the female form. They are waiting in the wings, chomping at the bit to pounce on anyone who dare point out that Schumer is showing that she has a few more pounds than most women who decide to pose au natural. The, “how-dare-you” cannons are loaded and the anti anger-spiral pills ingested.

It wouldn’t be so eye-rollingly planned and planted if Schumer hadn’t been crucified by her own lefty compatriots for making racially charged jokes in her movie, “Trainwreck” last Summer. Ever since then; she has been a champion of gun control and now has taken a swan dive off of the Lena Dunham cliff into the shallow waters of 3rd wave feminism. What is the problem with that you ask? Here in a nutshell:

3WF to Glamour Model: “posing nude turns you into an object and helps further solidify the evils of patriarchy.”

3WF to Dunham / Schumer: “posing nude while unattractive and overweight is empowering! You’re such role models for young girls.”

What Schumer did is literally the least ballsy thing to happen in the last five years. Get what I did there? Nevermind. Anyway, she is well aware that anyone in a position to criticize her look publicly will be CRUCIFIED by the left for, “fat-shaming” or whatever is making co-eds cry and run to their safe spaces these days. Doing something that you know will automatically score you points with the people who already adore you while at the same time putting up a force-field of outrage around you is neither brave nor edgy. It is sickeningly safe and pathetically transparent. She took the picture for the benefit of the bulk of the ranks of modern 3WF; middle class, average-looking white women. A collective burst of blue hair dye and tears of joy must have sprung forth from Sarkeesian and Harper, two of the four horsewomen of the Whiny Apocalypse. Back to that coffee… when you think of the current, “uniform” for young, pretentious white girls in the Winter, what do you think of aside from Uggs, an Iphone with a pink case and flannel shirts? DING DING DING!! Yes, you are correct! A cup of overpriced coffee and a travel lid. Schumer holding the coffee literally made me laugh when I saw the picture. It would be like a picture, of I don’t know… Putin… shirtless, holding a hunting rifle. Ya know, something cheesy like that, created solely to appeal to a certain demographic. Oh wait…

“Amy and I have so much in common! I mean, just look at that picture! I bet she drinks soy lattes just like me.” – Girl who has been sold a bill of goods by a “feminist” who preys on her sensibilities.

Well done.

Amy Schumer: A 3rd Wave Feminist Whackjob’s Dream