DMV, CT, Hypocrisy

Last night I was listening to, “Where We Live” on WNPR. If you are unfamiliar with it; it is a radio show that covers issues here in the Constitution State. Covered fairly, without bias, completely even keeled, by a panel of 3-4 rabid liberals. Because in CT, liberal = fair.

Unless you purposely avoid politics (and who could blame you for that?) you’ll be aware of the fact that the majority of if not all liberal pundits advocate for a larger, more intrusive government. At this moment, Bernie Sanders is gaining popularity among the perpetually naive, the blissfully ignorant and the perennially whiny. Sanders is a far-left socialist who in his 9 years in the senate has accomplished virtually nothing. He’s old, looks like a dishrag your grandmother started using in 1974 and sounds like a character in a Jackie Mason skit. So why is this guy popular? Easy answer: he is making flowery promises that he could not possibly keep. Free college, free healthcare, free, free, free. His appeal is mainly with college-aged kids and those who contribute absolutely nothing to society. Big government, nanny-state, empirical evidence-ignoring socialism. And the crowd goes wild. The crowd who painfully does not understand that because of the fact that we have a Congress, a Sanders presidency would be 4 years of sitting around staring at each other with occasional, “check and see if he’s still breathing” queries. Sanders, has been discussed a few times on, “Where We Live” and although the majority of the talking heads on that show are desperately pulling for H, the ideas and notions of how CT should be run fall in line quite easily with some of Sanders’ campaign talking points. So last night made me almost crash my car with bewildered laughter.

Apparently, our governor, Dannel P. Malloy has floated an idea which would expedite vehicle registration in the state of CT. Namely; he would like to allow entities such as AAA to handle registrations. He would also make it possible for motorists to register their vehicles even if they have outstanding tax bills. I can see how that might be troublesome, as municipalities would suffer due to people registering and then simply waiting ages to pay their taxes. I admittedly do not know all of the details of this proposal but I assume that a registration obtained while a tax bill is still floating out there in the ether would be very, very temporary. At least until the tax balance is cleared. Lets look at that first part again. Allowing people to register at someplace other than the DMV would be absolutely wonderful. The excuse that Malloy is using is noble in its advocacy of convenience; it would make the DMV a less horrific place to visit. Multiple visits for a single registration due to tax variables would be essentially negated and the traffic flow to the DMV would be cut due to people heading to Triple A instead. Sound good? Good. Every single goober on last night’s show, including the insufferable Colin McEnroe, gushed over this idea. As did everyone who heard the show because lets face it, the DMV is awful.

What they did, however, in their lauding of this particular idea was inadvertently advocate for the semi-privatization of a system which has been run by the government for the following reasons:

  1. It’s more efficient
  2. It’s more convenient
  3. People supremely dislike the current system

Wow. Let that sink in. In a way, they brought into question the entire purpose of the DMV and in their praise of Malloy’s plan have created an almost airtight argument for the DMV’s dissolution. THE IRONY ACTUALLY HURTS MY BRAIN. Now, Triple A is non-profit so therefore it is not full privatization but it is essentially the exact same thing. What is being said quite clearly is; let someone other than the government handle the things that matter to us.

If we look at CT liberals as a sampling of the rest of the liberals in the country we can see a hypocrisy which seems to be the bread and butter of the socialist-leftist movement. Namely this; advocate socialist policy in order to secure an emotional electorate and then when it falls apart rely on the private sector to bail them out because there will always be some evil capitalist who wants to cash in on the fallout. The only problem for the socialist is that when the capitalist takes over to limit the damage/clean up the mess, the system they create usually ends up being superior to the initial govt. regulated system. That fact isn’t optimal to the liberal. So they don’t really like to mention it.

I have to apologize for one thing however. It’s not fair to the rest of the liberals in the country to lump them in with ours here in CT. Ours are a particular brand of stupid, self-righteous elitists which are actually something to behold. So, sorry for that.

DMV, CT, Hypocrisy