Friday Observation: Until 2017, Chums

This year has been a doozy to say the least. It started out innocuously enough, but ended with a bang. I will not be sorry to see it go. Of course it wasn’t all bad. There were some genuinely lovely moments and for that I am eternally grateful. The following is a list of those particular moments.




And now on to the naughty list. Things that absolutely floored me about 2016. Things that I would rather forget.




Well that about wraps it up! Thank you to whoever is reading this. Thank you to whoever has read my ramblings in the past and I hope to keep you mildly entertained in the new year. This blog is obviously not going to win any awards nor is it going to launch me into Hemingway status. It’s just fun. I enjoy writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it. My family has gone through a very trying time in recent months with the loss of loved ones and other assorted health scares. So I urge whoever is reading this to enjoy this Christmas as much as they possibly can. Even if it doesn’t seem to be the best you’ve ever had, I guarantee one day you will look back on it fondly. Possibly, for no other reason than you were young. Younger than your future self. And you can’t get that back.

So a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year to you and yours! God bless you.

Now leave me alone until January.


Friday Observation: Until 2017, Chums

Thursday Observation: Season’s Greetings?

I will be on the road tomorrow with the ever-lovely future Mrs. M so I am posting my Friday observation today. A Thursday observation. I know, I know, I’m a rebel.

‘Tis the season to feign outrage at how we greet each other. On Tuesday night, President-Elect Donald Trump announced that we, the American people, would be able to say, “Merry Christmas” again. This was met with thunderous applause from the West Allis, Wisconsin audience, presumably dominated by Christians due to their response, who feel disenfranchised by the past eight years of Obama’s America. With good cause. I am a practicing Roman Catholic who has written a bit on matters of theology and Church doctrine on this very blog. So I like to think that I have a firm appreciation for the true meaning of Christmas from a faith-based point. However, I am also an American. This does not trump my belief in God nor does it overshadow my membership in the Roman Catholic Church. One of the truly amazing things about being an American is having the legally protected ability to not have to give a rat’s about what anyone else says, thinks or believes. And that right is granted to Christian curmudgeons such as myself as well as whiny social justice warriors. Meaning; we are allowed to offend each other.

I was already planning on saying, “merry Christmas” this holiday season before I was granted permission from the President-Elect. I look at it two ways:

  1. I am more than content if my salutation of, “merry Christmas” is met with warm cheer.
  2. I am more than content if my salutation of, “merry Christmas” is met with absolute horror and anger. If I end up triggering someone… mission accomplished, Yankee Privateer.

I could not care any less if the season’s particular greeting I choose upsets anyone. The price of living in a free country is occasionally having your feelings tested or even hurt regardless of how idiotic your reasoning. For instance, there is now an after school Satan Club at a Seattle elementary school. Do I think that it’s wrong and laughably stupid? Yes. Do I think the school should shut it down? Yes. Do I think the school should be forced to shut it down? No.

To wrap it up: if you are going to choose to be insulted by Christianity and therefore by proxy, Christian holidays by focusing on the negatives throughout the Church’s 2000 year history and overlooking the overwhelming good Christ’s Church on Earth has done and continues to do, then I am allowed to choose to focus on the worst part of you. So if you feel insulted while reading this let me be the first to say; Merry Christmas, ugly!

And to all, a good night.

Thursday Observation: Season’s Greetings?

Observation Friday: Cool It

Conservatives need to understand that the more they spout off; “GET OVER IT, SHE LOST!!!” the more ground they lose in the ongoing, never-ending, back and forth of the American political culture war. The excuse; “they [Democrats] do it too… they say they won’t recognize a Trump presidency!” holds absolutely no water. How many of us, at one time or another, referred to Obama as “their [Democrats] president”? The rub against Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus and Congressional Republicans or the, “establishment” was that they didn’t do enough to obstruct Obama or his policies. Do you, Conservatives, honestly believe that liberals are going to simply roll over? Everyone reaps what they sow. It would be in the best interest of Trump’s most ardent supporters to realize that simply because you believe your ideology to be correct, doesn’t make it so in the eyes of your political opposites.

The Republican Party decided to dump the mantle of moral superiority that it rightly held in contrast to the DNC when it nominated Donald Trump. That does not mean that it should be cast away for good. In fact, it might be in the best interest of Conservatives to attempt to lift it back up in case they need to turn to it again after the next four years. If not they are left with a situation where the only defense they would be able to muster of themselves would be the, “we were conned but we had only the best intentions” argument. And that is not a good look on anyone.

Those on the right: Cool it. We may need to look principled again one day.

Hey, you never know.

Observation Friday: Cool It

Planned Parenthood: America’s Moral Megiddo

This election cycle, the GOP floated and then campaigned on its promise to defund Planned Parenthood. Trump’s election was more of a cultural statement than anything else if we truly analyze the factors of the election. American conservatives were forced into casting their ballots for a man who displayed not a single inkling toward a fondness for any of the central pillars of conservatism. People voted for him anyway. I believe it was mainly out of a feeling of desperation which was born out of a culture war which was swinging the United States into a social quagmire. In essence; the Trump voter voted for Trump because he at least carried the title, “Republican” which had up until his nomination, been the party of principle. His election was a mandate from the on-the-fence and reluctant Trump voting conservative. This means that the GOP had better make good on its promise to defund PP. Planned Parenthood has become a pillar and a symbol of progressive ideology in this country. The left, emboldened by eight years of moral malaise paid for with a blank check from the Oval Office, have found themselves in a fight they were certain they would never actually have to lace up the gloves for. It will be interesting to see how the left defends PP when it is actually put to the fire in Congress.

The truly vocal, radicalized progressives in the west are better at convincing themselves of falsehoods than any other group in the world. Case in point; the belief that Fidel Castro was a freedom fighter and a hero, a man to be admired. I point this particular nonsense out to illustrate the truth that progressives truly consider their political counterparts across the aisle as dangerously evil people. Yes, people who pay their taxes, go to Church, have traditional marriages and vote GOP are in their eyes, on a lower human rung of worth than Fidel Castro. A man who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of his own countrymen. So it is safe to say that there won’t be any hands reaching across the aisle in an attempt to begin a dialogue by the left. Admitting that the majority of federal money that pours into PP is used to subsidize the medicine, services and procedures it offers other than abortions in order to do nothing more than facilitate cheaper abortions would be the first step. Don’t hold your breath.

Unfortunately for the left, they have a bit of an issue with that pesky problem of morality. It can be argued that the justification for taking a life is relative to the particulars of the situation. Counter examples being; a soldier killing the enemy in war vs. the armed robber killing their victim for a wallet. The realization that the ultimate act of evil can be categorized into separate columns offers little more than a cold shudder to the staunch pro-lifer. That is, until they begin to analyze and understand that not only do we need to understand the intent of a situation but also the individuals involved in order to make our own moral judgments. To the left however, it would seem to be an air tight argument on the part of the pro-abortion crowd. In practice this line of argument offers little more than an easily dismissed talking point. One where all of the “gotcha” sentiment is instantly lost once the question of innocence is raised.

Here is where we have the problem. The question of innocence when discussing victims. We are dealing with an ideology of progressivism which instantly attributes innocence to the victim. This should seem altogether correct. However, it makes little to no sense once we understand that the idea of who the victim is has changed. Victims are no longer victims in the classical sense. The victim in the case of an abortion, where a baby is killed, is no longer the baby, it is the mother. The victims in the case of a city on fire due to rioting are not the store owners or homeowners who lose their property, but the rioters who became violent because of feelings of disenfranchisement. When Ben Shapiro is banned from college campuses, it is because he doesn’t fit the ideal narrative for American higher education. The students who disagree with him are the victims, not the speaker who just had his first amendment rights trampled on. When you or I feel exploited because our tax dollars, without our consent, go to fund an agency we’d rather have no truck with, it is the agency that suffers and by proxy the people who go to said agency that can claim the mantle of victimhood. Not us who are having the money taken from us regardless.

If that doesn’t seem to make any sense to you it is because it doesn’t. If the next administration, which so far has shown more allegiance to Goldman Sachs than it has to its droves of rabid supporters falls short on this particular issue you can essentially write off the moral superiority clause the GOP has for so long championed. It is time for all sensible Americans, regardless of their political allegiances to understand that victimhood disenfranchises the actual victims of crimes. People who point out the provactive attire of rape victims are roundly rejected as being laughably ignorant and rightly so. Why then, is it different when it comes to other types of victims? The definition of victim is clear. How morally bankrupt have we become that we are willing to entertain the idea that Fidel Castro was a hero, but an unborn child is superfluous?

That is a question that is too depressing to think about.

Planned Parenthood: America’s Moral Megiddo