Thursday Observation: Season’s Greetings?

I will be on the road tomorrow with the ever-lovely future Mrs. M so I am posting my Friday observation today. A Thursday observation. I know, I know, I’m a rebel.

‘Tis the season to feign outrage at how we greet each other. On Tuesday night, President-Elect Donald Trump announced that we, the American people, would be able to say, “Merry Christmas” again. This was met with thunderous applause from the West Allis, Wisconsin audience, presumably dominated by Christians due to their response, who feel disenfranchised by the past eight years of Obama’s America. With good cause. I am a practicing Roman Catholic who has written a bit on matters of theology and Church doctrine on this very blog. So I like to think that I have a firm appreciation for the true meaning of Christmas from a faith-based point. However, I am also an American. This does not trump my belief in God nor does it overshadow my membership in the Roman Catholic Church. One of the truly amazing things about being an American is having the legally protected ability to not have to give a rat’s about what anyone else says, thinks or believes. And that right is granted to Christian curmudgeons such as myself as well as whiny social justice warriors. Meaning; we are allowed to offend each other.

I was already planning on saying, “merry Christmas” this holiday season before I was granted permission from the President-Elect. I look at it two ways:

  1. I am more than content if my salutation of, “merry Christmas” is met with warm cheer.
  2. I am more than content if my salutation of, “merry Christmas” is met with absolute horror and anger. If I end up triggering someone… mission accomplished, Yankee Privateer.

I could not care any less if the season’s particular greeting I choose upsets anyone. The price of living in a free country is occasionally having your feelings tested or even hurt regardless of how idiotic your reasoning. For instance, there is now an after school Satan Club at a Seattle elementary school. Do I think that it’s wrong and laughably stupid? Yes. Do I think the school should shut it down? Yes. Do I think the school should be forced to shut it down? No.

To wrap it up: if you are going to choose to be insulted by Christianity and therefore by proxy, Christian holidays by focusing on the negatives throughout the Church’s 2000 year history and overlooking the overwhelming good Christ’s Church on Earth has done and continues to do, then I am allowed to choose to focus on the worst part of you. So if you feel insulted while reading this let me be the first to say; Merry Christmas, ugly!

And to all, a good night.

Thursday Observation: Season’s Greetings?

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