Everyone Is Sorta … Icky.

I used to think that there was nothing more skin-crawlingly icky than watching an industry known for vice and debauchery feign surprise when said vice and debauchery got exposed. That was a long time ago. About two weeks ago. A simpler time. I have since learned that I was dead wrong. There are far ickier ickies out there in the world. Namely; the arrogant enablers.

I am not going to say anything in this post that hasn’t been more eloquently said already by far more interesting and accomplished blowhards than myself. But I feel compelled to express how absolutely disgusted I am by the behavior of Hollywood in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations. So why now? What was the catalyst for my unquenchable desire to write about this? Three words, dear reader. Three words.

Kevin. Fucking. Spacey.

Not because he tried to seduce an underage actor. That isn’t enough to inspire me to write. That is enough to inspire me to want to see Kevin Spacey castrated with a broken whiskey bottle, not write. I was inspired to lose my mind in a few hundred words because of the absolutely vomit-inducing arrogance of a man who believes he can cover up the fact that he is an enormous pimple with a receding hairline who happens to have a history of trying to sexually abuse kids with the excuses: ‘I don’t remember, I was drunk and oh yeah, I’m gay.’ But where does that arrogance come from? Truly, if Spacey decided that these excuses were his best bet because there wasn’t already a solid safety net of media-types and blind eyes, he would be the stupidest son of a bitch to ever walk the earth. However, that was not the case. Fun fact; if you google search, “Reuters Kevin Spacey” you will see a link about five clicks down entitled, “Actor Kevin Spacey declares he lives life as a gay man” but if you click the link it takes you to an article entitled, “Kevin Spacey Embroiled in Hollywood Sex Scandal”. The initial post is from a day ago. The newly updated re-route from the link is from 8 hours ago. It took a lot of pressure from being called out on their deflection in order to force Reuter’s to forget about the fact that Spacey is gay and focus on the fact that he’s currently in a lot of trouble over being a disgusting asshole.

The truth is; Spacey was totally fine with throwing the entire gay community under the bus and reenforcing the antiquated and awful stereotype of the gay predator not because he doesn’t care about his own community… but because he was relatively certain the deflection would work. And why wouldn’t he be? He exists in a world where the perception of oppression means more than moral virtue and where women have to face the prospect of legal pressure and career ruin before they can even think to open their mouths about being treated like pieces of meat by beta-male losers. The guys who got the ever-living shit kicked out of them in high school but got lucky enough to get high-paying and more importantly, high-powered, jobs in the entertainment industry after years of dorm room masturbation between spirited games of Dungeons and Dragons. He exists in a world where being a member of a seemingly marginalized group makes you a martyr without having to ever spill a drop of your own blood. It is the world in which he lives that deserves the blame for the horrific excuse of sexuality as a cover for pederasty. It is gross, annoying, infuriating and most of all it is painfully transparent. That is how stupid media elites think their customer base is.

Luckily most Americans are smarter than Hollywood thinks we are and hopes we are.

At least I think we are.


Everyone Is Sorta … Icky.

They Just Don’t Get It

Sunday night saw yet another Oscars come and go. The now infamous gaff of announcing the wrong winner for the best picture award will be all that anyone ever remembers of the gala spectacle, mercifully. There was one moment that stands out in my mind as absolutely horrific on many levels. For months now, both conservative and liberal pundits have been trying to explain Trump’s election. Ladies and gentlemen, it is now completely clear to me and to anyone else who watched the Oscars. The Hollywood elite, composed of the most vocally liberal group of Americans outside of the DNC, who the DNC has annointed to speak for the party, treats regular folks like circus freaks.

If you didn’t watch the telecast you missed when they dragged a bunch of tourists off a bus to parade them in front of the glitterati. It was like watching a scene from Salo. Let that sink in. They brought these people in to give them a thrill. To give them a glimpse into the world of the super-celebrity. Now, I am not going to make the idiotic claim that celebrities don’t create excitement in their fans. So I’m sure the folks that were traipsing around the Dolby Theatre were adequately excited but that doesn’t change the fact that these people were used by the producers of the event as a spectacle.

They just don’t get it. Case in point; the incredibly talented but equally full of herself Viola Davis, who perfectly illustrated the absolutely baffling lunacy that permeates Hollywood when she said, “we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life” in her acceptance speech for the Best Supporting Actress award. This woman obviously either has no sense of irony or just doesn’t know what words mean. On behalf of all teachers, nurses, counselors, farmers, fishermen, mail carriers, pilots, armed service personnel, bus drivers, janitors, foremen, construction workers, lawyers (yeah even them…) cops, firefighters, bartenders, chefs, photographers, tech-people, secretaries, software engineers, salesmen, designers, writers, painters, sculptors, veterinarians, clergy of all religions, store clerks, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, vintners, taxi drivers, deli workers, grocery baggers, and every other profession under the sun;

Dear Viola,

Go fuck yourself.



Playing a doctor doesn’t mean you’re curing cancer. Playing a character from the 1960’s doesn’t mean you marched from Selma to Montgomery. You are actors. Literally the lowest of the low. You are paid to play make-believe and entertain us. You exist because we are stupid enough to pay you to exist. Having no other skill than being able to pretend to be someone you’re not doesn’t make you superior to the people who pay the ticket price for your movies. Dragging a group of tourists through your shiny circle-jerk does nothing but make you look like the elitist bunch of douchebags that you are.

“We have deigned that you should gaze upon us, o rabble. Enjoy your short time among your betters and return to your villages with tales of how we are benevolent and merciful to all. Even to servile peasants such as yourselves. What a blessing you have received!”

It was awful to watch and almost other-worldly in its idiocy. Much like most of the garbage Hollywood churns out these days.


They Just Don’t Get It